👋😎 Jay Slay is an award-winning Canadian electronic musician, DJ, producer, Vibe Raiders label co-boss, formally trained classical pianist, mental health educator/speaker, and event organizer who loves creating original songs in a wide variety of electronic subgenres, and can DJ anything from chillout to hard electro to entirely original sets.

✨📻✨ LISTEN TO Jay’s latest original, the classically-inspired yet heavily electronic, 🧜‍♀️"I’m Different Now"🧜‍♀️
✨📻✨ LISTEN TO Jay Slay and Scarlett Darling's cover of Ed Sheeran's 🌶️"Shape of You"🌶️ 
✨📻✨ LISTEN TO the recently released Digital Empire Records remix competition winners for my original, 💚"Love Your Guts"💚 feat. The Sissy Fits

☀️🌳🔊 Upcoming festival timeslots at Thé ExtraVaganza, The Womp, Emotion Arts & Music Festival, and doing a workshop at Bass Coast Music & Art Festival (hear my interview on Bass Coast’s “Sanctuary Radio”)

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🔊🎶 Memorable melodies, complex chords, groovy basslines, and collaborating on original lyrics and vocals with talented singers are all consistent aspects of Jay's signature style. Accomplishments include: 
•1 million+ streams and major playlist support
•#1 most added electro on North American indie FM in May 2020, radio play on 120+ CA/US stations (jayslay.lnk.to/allnightlong)
•Best Music Video award, official selection at 15 film festivals including New York, Vancouver, Toronto, and Moscow, horror film festivals, children's film festivals, indie film festivals (jayslay.lnk.to/allnightlongvid)
•3 Beatport Staff Picks/1 Featured Track/7 Top 10s
•5 remix competitions for his original tracks hosted by Digital Empire Records
•Vibe Raiders record label co-boss (instagram.com/viberaidersmusic)
•Edmonton Journal newspaper interview (bit.ly/edmontonjournalvems)

😉👉 Hear my 20 official releases, connect on social media and music platforms, buy T-shirts/merch, read my artist bio below (PDF), or check out my onesheet and electronic press kit


📻 “Shape of You” feat. Scarlett Darling bfan.link/shapeofyou is a sensual, spiced-up, dancehall-inspired take on Ed Sheeran’s tune with tangy guitar and tropical percussive elements
📻 "Love Your Guts" feat. The Sissy Fits jayslay.lnk.to/loveyourguts, a festival-flavored summer anthem…Digital Empire Records remix contest winners and official remixes spring/summer 2022
📻 "There's A Rumor" jayslay.lnk.to/theresarumor collab with RamJamSam is a bouncy, fun, electro and glitch hop flavoured track
📻 "All Night Long" jayslay.lnk.to/allnightlong remixes tied #1 most added electro tracks to North American indie FM radio in May 2020
📻 "Keep On Lovin'" EP jayslay.lnk.to/istackup collab with Jesse Peters contains rap/soul/hip hop flavours
📻 "A Very Vibin' Christmas" bfan.link/vibinxmas is the first Vibe Raiders release and the start of an annual series, holiday classics refreshed with dance, EDM, and electro flavours

📰 Bass Coast “Sanctuary Radio” 2021 interview 
📰 Vibe Raiders' annual "Velvet & Velour Valentine's" 2022, 2021, and 2020 event organizer/co-host/DJ
📰 University of Calgary School of Medicine Mass Gathering Medicine conference 2021 "Emergency Divergency: a de-escalation demonstration" speaker
📰 Edmonton Journal 2020 interview
📰 Virtual Electronic Music Summit 2020 "Pandemic Panic Panel" moderator/facilitator, view on YouTube
📰 Alberta Electronic Music conference (AEMCon) 2019 "Artist Mental Health & Self-Care" panelist

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