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I Stack Up Remixes (2017)

**"Ready Or Not’s brilliant future house remix...with its filthy basslines and high-octane energy...will surely light up any festival or club environment...SStretch’s trance remix that delivers a mind-boggling array of synths and chord progressions. Xandie then brings the spirits up once again with his big room remix filled with riveting melodies and heart-pumping beats. EzKill...with heavy Melbourne bounce sounds and scintillating synths. Lastly, N.A.T. brings the groove with his bass-heavy and hard-hitting remix, perfectly finishing off this overall remarkable collection.."**
**“Well, so far there are five great remixes, from bass house and progressive house to big room and Melbourne bounce...personally I can’t get enough of Ready Or Not’s remix, which sounds the dirtiest and meanest from them all (hey, I’m a bass house lover)!”**
**"Ready Or Not's future house remix starts out smooth and mellow but quickly evolves into...rhythmic bass growls and precise drum patterns that make it stand out against all of the others. SStretch, a trance track...seasoned with lush chords and rolling arpeggios. Xandie’s remix...uplifting and energy filled big room remix...full of the festival anthem energy...EzKill...just makes you want to dance. The drop is so full of energy, it might take you by surprise, considering the melodic house intro. Finally, N.A.T.’s remix...after the “not-so-standard” house intro is a hard-hitting future house drop."**


I Stack Up EP (2017)

**"Focusing on a blend of house and hip-hop sounds...“I Stack Up“...with its bouncy electro sounds and Peters’ clever rap...kicks off [the EP] perfectly with a vast amount of energy. The second track “Keep on Lovin’” moves toward a more futuristic approach with its groovy and bass-heavy elements, suitable under any club atmosphere...Keeping the flow intact is...“A Very Important Expedition,“ which possesses a variety of musical styles and takes the audience through a journey of time and space."**
**" showing a record can still be smart and anchored by the dancefloor...From breathy melodic euphoria to stripped back darker minimalism, this is quintessentially J-Hamz, immaculately produced, soaring but intimate, euphoric and melancholic, and underpinned by those singular J-Hamz melodies...Considering that engaging in a medical profession is J-Hamz’s day job, churning out such instantly-contagious moments of electronic perfection is one hell of a night job..."**
**"Для канадского музыканта... [translation] For Canadian musician J-Hamz...I hope that he will be able to further his career growth in music as well as the medical profession, since the "I Stack Up" one of my best finds of this summer...With the action-packed "Keep On Lovin," J-Hamz adds the intonations of a pop song to a club track, thereby turning it into a weapon of dancefloor destruction."**
**“A Very Important Expedition...[shows] the creativity and desire of the Canadian producer to explore and test new sounds...Quite a treat...four tunes plus a remix contest! Jump in dear producers and get involved!”**
**" takes some of the best vibes of what I have been listening to and combines it with sounds from the interesting throwback that isn’t a throwback...It is just good fun and you’ll easily enjoy it!"**


I'd Do Anything (2016)

**"J-Hamz & Jaculator’s original mix effectively brings a euphoric listening experience from start to finish. With their astounding melodies and well-designed progressions, it is no surprise that the track has gathered so much support. Along with Molineux’s performance, the track simply captivates the audience with its impeccable blend of instrumentals and the middle...a flurry of heavy synths and oscillating basslines also delivers a massive surge of energy and carries a club environment straight through..."**
**"As a producer, J-Hamz can create depth to the music that in my opinion so many other artists lack. His music isn’t just a catchy melody with a steady beat like so much of the genre has become...The depth, feeling and chords of his synths produce a wall of sound that hits you with full force when you crank up the volume."**
**"Unkn0wn switched up the entire track into a dazzling electro house tune, perfect enough just to light up any memorable show. DrtyDncn touched the original and transformed it into an unique blend between bumping future house vibes and electrifying sounds...the perfect party starter. The madness comes alongside Simpsonill’s dubstep rework...bringing the summer back is Chacon...a warm tropical remix."**
**"Though they are doctors by day, these two BFFs have something else to give the world, and that is some electro house that cannot be upstaged. Teaming up with Michelle Molineux, J^2 have given other producers a chance to remix “I’d Do Anything” and do anything with it they’ll find the winners...hit all over the spectrum. Amongst them you’ll certainly find one or two that you love."**


Until The End (2015)

***"...immediately I am thrown into summer, enjoying a party on the beach with “Until the End” sand and ice cold drinks. The vocals are easily noticed next, and boy are they fantastic. Michelle Molineux’s voice echoes...This entire song screams summer and beach-front fun. I’m quite glad summer is fast approaching because I dearly want to blast this outside and start an impromptu dance party somewhere...make sure you look into more of J-Hamz' tracks as they will surely catch your ear."***
***"...a breath of fresh air in the current state of EDM. The track features a rather uplifting and funky drop and nice vocal verses accompanied by sweet melodies...J-Hamz is not afraid to experiment with leads and synths instead of choosing the safe way of utilizing the commercial synths of today. The transitions are well executed...a powerful progressive track with a fresh approach and good execution. This is one of a kind..."***
***"In just under 5 minutes “Until The End” covers a series of emotions, moments, wonders, thoughts, and sighs. It’s light, it’s profound, it’s very inspirational in that it will instill in you what EDM music should. The punctuated bass work is delicious; the sprightly rhythm with a vague, almost elusive Caribbean taste in places, adds an exotic flavor."***
***"...I can definitely see this track make a bad day good in a matter of seconds. Based out of Canada, you’ve seen him here before! J-Hamz throws out a Beatport exclusive original featuring some soothing vocals from Michelle Molineux...this upbeat progressive house track brings that 'feel good' vibe."***
***"This fun catchy progressive house track features the crisp vocals of the effervescent singer/songwriter and all-around artist, Michelle Molineux. Let the uplifting melodic vibes that they got oozing out of this one warm up your overall mood. Hit play and enjoy!"***


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